A Finnish Construction Worker Wins €162,596 at Casimba Casino!

Casimba casinoGreek mythology is filled with amazing and most unbelievable stories about how plain mortals managed to defeat the mighty gods. In most cases it turns out that these mortals are actually sons of gods and goddesses, like Hercules, for example. The hero of our story is not one of those half-man, half-god characters, but he did succeed in defeating Medusa, Nemean Lion, Minotaur and Phoenix in NetEnt’s Divine Fortune video slot, and went home with a fantastic sum of €162,596!

The hero we are talking about is a construction worker from Finland, an ordinary Joe who worked hard every day and saved his money for 6 years in order to go on a holiday that he certainly deserved. He was dreaming about a holiday for so long that he decided to use the money he had earned to book a vacation at Casimba Casino, rather than to pay his bills and put the rest to his savings account.

Once again, the fortune favoured the bold, because he decided to use a bit of his money during this well-deserved vacation on a Divine Fortune video slot by NetEnt. After playing for a very short period of time, and with a simple bet of just €3.00, this Finnish construction worker went home carrying a bag of life-changing €162,596! Of course, he didn’t actually put it in a bag, but he did experience a divine fortune of his own!

This is definitely a dream come true for such a diligent worker, and we are positive that the Finn will now have more than enough money to pay all his bills, put some of it to his savings account, and book another exciting holiday with Casimba Casino.

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